Direct Printing on Metal, Aluminum and Wood

Think inside the box

Folded, fit and finished to suit your needs

Aluminum composite boxes are a perfect solution to add both dimension and functionality to an otherwise one-dimensional image. Talk to us about some of the innovative ways to use this finishing method.

Custom Sizes

Available in sizes up to 44X92”

Depth Options

Boxes can be various depths from a minimum of 1”, other standard depths are 1.5”, 2” and 3”.

Custom Finishing

Panels can be sprayed with a high gloss, durable clear coat, creating a brilliant finish with extreme colour saturation. Alternatively panels can be laminated for added protection in a matte or lustre finish.

Edge Treatment

Panels available in a variety of finishes & colours such as white, black or brushed silver. Edges can be printed on or varnished for special effect.

Experienced Technicians

ABL technicians are experienced photographers and designers. Their perspective and insight are clearly evident in the end results.