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Author: ABL Imaging

Design is Intelligence Made Visible

Must-Follow Design Tips and Tricks for Using Large Format Print in Your Space Great design is arguably the single most important aspect of a beautiful printing project. But, there’s a lot to keep in mind when designing for large-format printing. The bigger the project you’re looking to create, the more important it becomes. Most large-format prints are displayed in public areas that people are hurriedly travelling past. You only have a brief moment to share your message and impact the viewer. If the viewer doesn’t immediately understand what you’re conveying, chances are they won’t spend the time trying to...

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Dare to Think Big: Transform Your Space With Large Format Printing

Large-format printing makes a BIG and bold impact on both indoor and outdoor spaces, but there’s a lot more to this printing style than just being super-sized. What is Large-format Printing? By using imagination, impeccable design, and innovative technology, there are endless possibilities for transforming a space using this printing method. By using the highest quality large format printers, high resolution graphics and design can be applied onto a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, and metal, and can produce prints of 18” and above. At ABL, our printers are equipped to deal with a width of up to...

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ABL Imaging Rebounds From The Deluge Of 2013

Calgary Herald, Published on: August 11, 2017 Original article found here When the flood of 2013 hit downtown Calgary, many businesses had to cope with loss of power and days of cleanup to get rid of mud and dirty water that shut them down to customers for too long a time. And that was for those on street level. Imagine those located in basement areas that were totally immersed in water – like ABL Imaging that produced its high-end display graphics in a large space below Grumans Catering & Delicatessen in the Tourism Calgary building on the corner of 11th Avenue...

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Our Flood Story

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2SJfvB4wd0&feature=emb_title ABL Imaging has been working hard in Calgary for over 25 years. Last year, when confronted with a dark day, we had a choice. Stand strong, or be overcome. When the flood struck Calgary in 2013 our company, like many other businesses and homes in our community, was devastated.  “When I first arrived, everything was completely covered in mud. The furniture was turned over and everything, basically, that we owned was either completely destroyed or lost.” – Susan Otterson, Owner “ABL was wiped out. It was under water about as tall as me. It was surreal to see...

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