ABL Imaging has been working hard in Calgary for over 25 years. Last year, when confronted with a dark day, we had a choice. Stand strong, or be overcome. When the flood struck Calgary in 2013 our company, like many other businesses and homes in our community, was devastated. 

“When I first arrived, everything was completely covered in mud. The furniture was turned over and everything, basically, that we owned was either completely destroyed or lost.” – Susan Otterson, Owner

“ABL was wiped out. It was under water about as tall as me. It was surreal to see how high the water actually got and how it submerged everything” – Drew Ritchie, Senior Technician, Digital Services

We chose to practice endurance.

“Kieth was the first one in there, and I told them I saw on the news that the water was rising in our parking lot.” Rob Corbett, Installation Services

“So Kieth also saved some artwork, whatever was above 5 feet hanging on the wall was saveable. ” Ron vanVugt, Custom Framing & Finishing

“The water was ice cold. I was constantly shivering as the water got higher and higher. And there was always shock value as you slid or slipped in the mud, you would fall. And of course, mud was everywhere.” Keith Seabrook, Finishing & Fabrication

We chose to practice hard work.

“There was that thought that went by a few times after seeing the devastation and what happened to the old location. It was basically, how do you start something from the ground up? How do you rebuild something that’s been around for 20 some odd years? Where do you start?” – Ryan Bell, Client Services

We chose a spirit to overcome.

“It’s a very difficult thing to come out of, to have your business totally wrecked and start from scratch. But it turned out that Susan is pretty tough. And she had us over the next day at a barbecue and said, ‘Hey listen, do you want to start over from scratch’? And that’s what we did.”

Just like our city, we bounced back, stronger.

“The staff was amazing during the flood. We all had to congregate in such a small space in Susan’s basement. Everyone came together and helped each other out in every way they could. ” Wanda Armitage, Administrative Manager